My love of handmade design began as a small child playing with fabric scraps under her mother’s sewing machine. I started my first quilt at age 14 using those same fabric scraps. Since then, I have enjoyed many handmade arts including sewing, quilting, needle work, scrapbooking, and reclaimed/re-purposed projects.

In 2011, I joined my Mom in a quilt shop venture and was instantly bit by the design bug. My first creations grew out of a basic need for class projects and to sell fabric already on the shelves. However, it soon blossomed into more. Now my designs focus on projects that look difficult but always have a trick or twist that make them fun to make and not hard at all.

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada. I now live in Portland, Oregon with my husband, David, and daughter, Mackenzie. Family is everything to me and spending time with family hiking, eating a good dinner together, or playing games around the table are some of my favorite things.

Sara, David, and Mackenzie at Cape Flatterery, WA